Welcome to Graphic Tailors,
a graphic agency which will make sure
that every project is tailored perfectly to your needs!

We are a graphic studio with an unlimited number of original and unique projects.

Our projects stand out because they are:

tailored perfectly

to our clients’ needs and expectations - we listen carefully and never force our ideas on you, we only use our knowledge and skills to show your vision


we like to surprise our clients with a fresh and extraordinary outlook, which is why our projects attract all the attention of target audience


when it comes to rules, we are of the old school and promises mean the world to us. If you choose us, you can be sure that you will get your project on time because we treat gentlemen’s agreements very seriously.
Designing is our passion,

so you can be sure that we will be dedicated to every project.
Thanks to this approach our projects are unique, just like our clients.







A logo is not only a graphic mark of your company, it is also the first impression your company makes, its first encounter with potential clients.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so when we design logos, we try to make them memorable and as striking as possible. In the process of creating a logotype, we also do our best to show the mission of your company as clearly as possible and to make it visually attractive and easily understandable.


Consistent visual identification is one of the elements which vouch for the professionalism of your company.

Nice letterhead paper or business cards are not only interesting gadgets, but also a clear message to potential clients which shows that your company takes care of every little detail. In business, preciseness attests to your competence, which in turn boosts your company’s credibility.
As is well known, advertising makes trade go round.
But in order for advertising to work, it must be interesting and attract the attention of potential clients.

This is the task for us!
We have the knowledge and tools necessary to create the ideal advertisement, or in other words, an advertisement which is intelligent, memorable and triggers emotions.

We offer projects of:
leaflets, posters
restaurant menus
catalogues, advertising brochures
banners, roll ups, billboards
advertising clothes
...and much more!
Would you entrust your friend with photographing your wedding or would you do it yourself? Most probably not. So why should it be any different when it comes to photographing your services or products?

Attractive photos are essential to catch the attention of your potential clients. We know how to take the perfect shot which shows the natural beauty and characteristics of every product.

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